Our Roadmap

As we look to the future, Callicrypto is poised to introduce groundbreaking features, including the integration of NFT signatures as powerful eSignatures for legal use. This innovative advancement will change the way people perceive electronic signatures, ensuring full legal validity and compliance with the UETA and ESIGN Acts without the need for third-party authentication.

  • 01-2024
    Genesis Batch (333 NFTs)

    First batch of NFT Callicrypto with 333 names are generated

    Each name is chosen from the list of most popular name in the world

    Fair Launch on PinkSale

    Genesis Batch price: 0.1 ETH/NTF

    Token $CALLI

  • 02-2024
    Voting First Round

    The first 333 members who own the Genesis Batch can have the right to vote

    The voting period will decide which names will be include on the Second Batch

  • 03-2024
    Second Batch

    The Second Batch also have 333 names. The price for the Second Batch will stay the same: 0.1 ETH/name

    Only whitelisted member will have the right to claim the Second Batch

  • 04-2024
    Voting Second Round

    All holders of $CALLI token will have the right to vote, which names will be included in the Third Batch

  • 06-2024
    Final Batch
    We will release our final batch after the total NFTs of the project reach to the number 3333. After that, we will not release any new Callicrypto and switch to phase 2.
  • 01-2025
    Decentralize eSignature Application
    The purpose of Callicrypto is to represent your eSignature. Besides integrating with existing systems, we will build our own eSignature system, with native support for Callicrypto. You can then sign contract remotely with your partner and use your unique Callicrypto.
    The Decentralize eSignature Application will be compatibled with the UETA and ESIGN Act.



Your signature tells the world a story about who you are, how you live, and what you value

Timothy R. Clark